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EL Teachers Visit Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Plant

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

EL teachers from across the district were able to visit the Mazda Toyota plant here in Madison. After securing everyone's personal protective equipment and learning about impact of the plant on their community, the group split in two to tour the manufacturing plant. The tour gave the group a special look at the two cars produced only in this plant; furthermore, teachers got to hear from managers in different areas on how the differing philosophies of Mazda and Toyota were working together and creating better leaders. After the tour, EL teachers were able to hear from the Japanese placement specialist how the company worked to bring over their J-team, or Japanese advisors and their families. They also were able to hear from the principal of the Japanese Saturday School who happens to be a Madison City parent, which was very special for the team. For the last hour, the team was able to hear from Lauren Hillis (Rainbow) and Beth Massey (Madison) about how they utilized the Fund for Teachers Grant to visit Japan and bring back a better understanding of Japanese culture and how it influences our Japanese families. Overall, this was an incredible opportunity for the district's EL teachers, and we are so grateful for the glimpse into such an impactful powerhouse of Madison, Alabama.


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