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National Board Certification

Dr. Heather Donaldson

Chief Academic Officer

Madison City Schools

In December 2021, National Board released the list of newly certified teachers, which raised the total number of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) within Madison City Schools (MCS) to 92.

Congratulations to our new National Board Certified Teachers: Judy Bagwell, Dr. Stephanie Bostick, Lauren Cecil, Peggy Dupree, Sophia Hall, Savanna Lyles, Lory Schieler, Dr. Lori Shrode, Susan Vest-Rader, and Beth Woodard.

We would also like to congratulate the 15 MCS teachers who completed the recertification process for NBCT: Michelle Breeden, Jane Haithcock, Dr. Ambra Hamilton, Missy King, Robin Lakso, Jodi Jones, Karen Jump, Susan Maynard, Leah McRae, Stephanie Nguyen, Tabitha Odom, Amy Protos, Debbie Scott, Adrian Wells, and Kristy Wheeler.

We all know that this past year has been an interesting experience to say the least and our NBCT candidates were challenged in ways that no candidates before them have been challenged. Despite these challenges, Madison City had 10 teachers attain National Board Certification. This is only possible because of the countless hours spent by our dedicated teachers in addition to a phenomenal support network.

More than a decade of research from across the country demonstrates the positive impact that National Board Certified Teachers have on student achievement. Studies show that students taught by Board-Certified teachers gain an extra 1-2 months of learning each school year, and the positive impact of having a Board-Certified teacher is even greater for minority and low-income students.

Why is that? Because the National Board Certification process propels teachers to move through rigorous professional analysis, reflection, and intentionality with regard to their instructional practices.

As a district, we recognize the value of National Board Certification, and in the spring of 2015, we committed to providing more support to help teachers through this process. At that time, our records showed that we had around 21 National Board Certified teachers. Since the spring of 2015, we have been blessed to contract with retired Madison City educators, Jeanne Welt and Cindy Davis, who bring tremendous knowledge of the process with Board-Certification.

When we started in 2015, we were unable to provide monetary support to these teachers, but we were able to provide mentors and a support network. We are excited that over the past few years, we have been able to provide monetary support through grants and the Committee of 100. We are continuing our partnership with the Committee of 100 and The Schools Foundation as they work tirelessly to secure funding for us to financially support teachers pursuing Board-Certification.

The number of MCS teachers earning Board Certification continues to grow, and we are very excited that over 40 new teachers are currently in the process of pursuing National Board Certification.

Congratulations to all of our new and existing National Board Certified Teachers. We are so proud of each of you. Thank you for your hard work and the tremendous impact you are making in the lives of our students every day.


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