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Powerful Conversations Network: Reflecting on State-wide Professional Development

Members of the Secondary Instruction Team, Instructional Partners, and Secondary Teachers from each of the four schools completed a successful professional development journey with the Powerful Conversations Network through Alabama Best Practices. This initiative brought together teachers and administrators from multiple districts over the course of the past 6 months to focus on Questioning for Formative Feedback: Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning by Jackie Walsh and its impact on learning in the classroom.

Throughout the professional development, we examined the role of questioning in the classroom, including the different types of questions teachers can ask, the impact of questioning on student learning, and how to use questioning to provide formative feedback. We also looked at the roles of both teachers and students in the learning process, and how to create a classroom culture that encourages active participation, engagement, and effective questioning. One of the highlights of the professional development was the learning fair, where our secondary teachers presented on the strategies they have used in their classes, and the impact on student learning and classroom culture. It was a powerful experience to see the creativity and dedication of our teachers in action, and the positive impact their strategies have had on their students.

It was a wonderful experience to collaborate and learn with educators from multiple districts. This has given us a unique perspective and new ideas to implement in our classrooms. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this powerful professional development, and we are excited to continue to grow and improve as educators. We are confident that the knowledge, skills and strategies we have acquired through this professional development will have a positive impact on the learning and culture in our classrooms.


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