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Teachers Learn Too!

Several of our Madison City elementary teachers participated in ARI Beginning Reading and Strategic Teaching training this week at central office. These trainings are offered to all new teachers and also to teachers who have changed grade levels and are now working with students in a younger or older grade level. In both trainings teachers learn research-based strategies to use in their classrooms and participate in discussions and activities that focus on the science of reading. The Instruction Department agrees that professional learning is just as important as student learning. Beginning Reading and Strategic Teaching are three-day trainings that are held throughout the year and are taught by our Reading Coaches and our Elementary Instruction Specialist. According to Michael Pressley, "Those who wish to teach reading well, need to understand just what good reading is." Both of these trainings provide teachers with the knowledge to understand what a good reader looks like and how to help all of the students in their classrooms become skillful readers.


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