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This Year Our Elementary Teachers Are Choosing Their Own Learning Path and Telling Their Own Story!

From the MCS Elementary Instruction Team

If you happened to be walking the halls of Midtown Elementary on the afternoon of September 2nd, you would have noticed classrooms packed with the best

Elementary teachers around. High energy and powerful learning was palpable in the air as teachers took part in their chosen professional development sessions. “Unwritten . . . Your Story Awaits: Chapter 2,” was a continuation of the very successful teacher choice PD day that took place on July 28th. During these events, teachers have the opportunity to choose from a variety of relevant session topics led by our very own MCS teachers as well as community partners. Sessions highlight district instructional focus areas, including the new ELA standards, math workshop model, computational thinking, 1:1 tech integration, and Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards.

We were blown away by the outpouring of positive feedback after our initial kick off event in July, and Chapter 2 did not disappoint either. Teacher comments included, “I loved choosing the sessions I am interested in,” and, “I learned things I can use in my classroom right away!” Session options ranged from ELA and Math topics, such as morphology and fluency practice, to STEM and tech integrations such as our newly adopted BreakoutEDU platform, Digital Literacy and Computer Science Resource Bank, and even podcasting! We are grateful to community partners such as Land Trust of North Alabama, Athens State University, Big Ideas, STEMScopes, and Tech in Motion for offering fantastic sessions focused on research-based instructional practices. Mrs. Stephanie Allen and the Enrichment Center also offered sessions with a focus on student and educator mental health, which has become a growing need in schools. Our community sponsor, Kona Ice, offered free shaved ice to teachers during the day, which was an awesome pick me up!

The theme of our professional learning cycle this year, “Unwritten . . . Your Story Awaits,” captures the essence of where we are currently in the world of education. The past several years have thrown challenges at our teachers and instructional leaders that could have never been foreseen. Together, we have slain metaphorical dragons and worked magic to overcome the odds in our classroom. We have come out the other side victorious, and now it’s time to work together to rebuild and write our own story. As an Elementary Instructional Team, we could not be prouder to work with such a strong, resilient, and dedicated group of educators. We’ve found new hope in the new beginning of this school year and cannot wait to see how the story plays out!


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