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Computer Science Week 2023

From December 4th to 8th, we delved into the exhilarating realm of coding and computer science during the celebration of International Computer Science Week. This week-long event was filled with inspiring moments, hands-on activities, and the collaborative spirit of students, educators, and professionals alike.

A standout feature of this year's celebration was the unique collaboration between high school and elementary students. High schoolers, armed with their coding expertise, assumed the role of mentors, guiding their younger peers through the fundamental principles of programming. This collaboration not only enhanced the coding skills of the elementary students but also cultivated leadership and communication abilities among the high school mentors.

International Computer Science Week went beyond traditional classroom boundaries as industry professionals actively participated in the celebration. Guest speakers, ranging from software engineers to tech entrepreneurs, generously shared their experiences, insights, and the vast possibilities within the field of computer science. These sessions provided students with a tangible connection to the real-world applications of coding and technology.

Throughout the week, elementary and middle schools were abuzz with a variety of computer science activities. Students engaged in’s Hour of Code, programming Blue-Bots, and activities with Artificial Intelligence. They also had the opportunity to explore diverse facets of computer science. These hands-on experiences aimed to spark curiosity and creativity, encouraging students to consider pursuing careers in the dynamic world of technology.

As we look back on International Computer Science Week, we recognize the profound impact it had on students and the community at large. The collaborative efforts of high school mentors, industry professionals, educators, and community members created an atmosphere of inspiration and learning. The week served as a catalyst for sparking interest in computer science, encouraging students to explore the possibilities within the tech-driven landscape.

Whether you were a student, parent, educator, or community member, your participation played a vital role in making International Computer Science Week a resounding success. If you are a community member who is interested in sharing your expertise in the field of computer science, please reach out! We will continue to build on this momentum and foster a future generation of tech enthusiasts and problem solvers! 


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