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Iron Bowl in the Spirit of A STEM Challenge at West Madison Elementary School

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

West Madison Elementary 4th grade science students in Mrs. Wilson’s and Mrs. Walden’s classes have been in the spirit of the Iron Bowl. These students have tackled the AMSTI Iron Bowl STEM Challenge (LINK). In completing this challenge, student teams represented their chosen Iron Bowl Team with a designed football helmet that could protect a water balloon when dropped 6 feet or they designed a half-time float that could travel an entire (scaled-down) football field.

After students spent a week designing, building, testing, modifying and retesting their Auburn and Alabama helmets or floats, they presented to a six-judge panel. On Friday, judges viewed the eight different team presentations and watched the helmets and floats in action to meet the challenge. Scoring was completed and winners were announced! See WHNT story here:

View more of the challenge

in the slideshow and videos below...


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