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Constructing a Future

Take a peek into the skills that our students learn in the Construction Academy here at Madison City Schools!

This fall semester, Construction Academy classes at Bob Jones High School took on a new project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Madison County.

The objective was to team up with Construction Academy classes and the Engineering and Construction Club, to provide blueprints and materials, while students learned the hands-on skills needed in creating a playhouse.

Working under the skillful watch of BJHS instructor Mr. Steven Lanford, the students learned about the mission of Habitat for Humanity, while learning roofing, framing, and more construction skills.

“The amount of things that I did in building the "Wendy House" put my skills, that I have learned, to the test,” said student Aidan Griffith. “We learned how to frame a house and put roofing on a roof.” Students displayed a strong commitment to the project and even came on Saturdays to meet with Mr. Lanford in volunteering their time to create a masterpiece of a playhouse!

Students in the Construction Academy learned a variety of skills on this project including framing, roofing, trim work, rail building, painting, and more. Kale Farr stated, “I liked building the windows.” They collaborated together on each step, along with choosing which modifications they would make in the construction of their playhouse.

For example,the students decided all paint colors and specifically wanted bright colors for children to enjoy. After reading through the blueprint, Mr. Lanford led them in discussions on possible modifications and students chose composite siding instead of vinyl, along with adjusting the plans on the windows, doors, and trim. Austin Witty, a senior, said “I primarily learned and enjoyed framing.  I had also learned to install window and door hinges.”

Overall, this was a wonderful collaboration between Habitat and Madison City Schools. Students took great pride in their work and learned vital construction skills along with the importance of volunteering and being active in their community. Students have already expressed their interest in wanting to build another.“It was good experience for us kids, especially if you want to go into construction. (We) Learned little things to help you in construction,” said student Kaleb Johnson.

This playhouse will be auctioned off to generate funding for Habitat for Humanity. Also adding in a healthy dose of competition between participating schools, this project became a competition with Huntsville Center for Technology. The winner, as voted on by Habitat, will receive a trophy and have their house in the Huntsville/Madison County Veterans Day Parade!


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