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EL Growth and Celebrations!

As a top performing school system in Alabama, teachers and administrators have worked hard to support that growing pains that come with unprecedented growth. Our EL population has grown exponentially in recent years, a huge cause for celebration as we experience the positive impacts of diversity and new experiences.

On May 18th, three EL events across Madison City highlighted that growth. At Bob Jones, the registrar, Ms. Brandi Burns, and EL teachers, Ms. Stephanie Armbrust and Ms. Sharon Rowland, hosted EL parents interested in learning about the PowerSchool Parent Portal and how to reregister their children in the summer. It can be a difficult, confusing process, and this event allowed EL parents to learn the process, create accounts, and ask questions, all while getting face-to-face time with the Bob Jones team. We are very grateful to Bob Jones for hosting such an informative session which included breakfast donated by Publix!

Then, in the afternoon, Midtown Elementary hosted a celebration for EL students and their parents. With the release of ACCESS scores, a state assessment measuring English Language Proficiency, the EL teachers, Ms. Bethany Kachelman and Ms. Sevim Whitaker, celebrated their students who achieved growth and exit scores. Not only was there a school parade of EL students, but Midtown administrators and EL parents also attended to view the certificate ceremony! Cakes were donated by Publix, and there were many proud smiles and tears in celebration of these wonderful students and the hard work of their EL teachers!

Later that afternoon, Discovery Middle School's EL teachers, Ms. Brittany Cox and Dr. Roslava Bumgardner, hosted their own celebration of EL student growth and success! This included a multicultural potluck and certificate ceremony with parents and administrators in attendance. Students who met their growth targets or exited from the ESL program were given framed certificates while EL families shared a meal together.

Overall, it was a wonderful day with a variety of ways to engage and celebrate our EL students and their families! We are also very grateful to Mrs. Carmen Taylor-Tubb for all of her work and support of our EL community and teachers as our parent liaison!


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