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Elementary STEM Teachers Engage in Summer Learning

This summer, the MCS STEM Team dedicated 5 days to learn about various codable devices and to create student learning experiences for next year’s expanded elementary STEM program.

Thanks to a DoDEA Grant, the district was able to invite Bluum PD to deliver the high quality training.

Two full days were dedicated to exploring devices such as ClassVR, codable drones, robotic arms and 3D printers. Teachers learned how to code the devices, run the devices and troubleshoot common problems students may encounter while using the technologies. Then teachers examined several teaching resources available to support using the devices in student learning activities.

The eight 2023-2024 STEM teachers used days in June and will work in July to plan lessons to support the expansion of the STEM program. Each school including the PreK Center will have a STEM teacher and students will be able to engage in STEM learning opportunities weekly.

After working in June, teachers shared the following: “I will implement what I've learned by utilizing the different types of technologies within my class along with specific lessons that will complement the various technologies.” and “I am looking forward to implementing all the new technologies into my daily instruction. The students are going to be excited!”

Since the beginning of 2023, The STEM Team has created a STEM Overview, and has been working hard to create lessons that will grow MCS students in the area of STEM literacy and STEM career awareness in preparation for implementation beginning in August.

There will be many opportunities for our students to learn to think through problem solving methods and much student excitement generated as a result of the hard work put in this summer by the MCS STEM Team.


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