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Planning Curriculum for Tomorrow - Today!

Secondary instruction has started their work on the 2023-2024 curriculum by meeting with departments and discussing proposed changes / new class additions. It is hard to believe that we start this early, but there are many steps involved in the curriculum process. Our goal of listening to stakeholder interests and passions, while taking into account the needs of the community is a lofty one.

The first step in reviewing and developing the curriculum offerings for a new school year is meeting with all department leads from each content area from both middle school and high schools. These meetings began this week and will continue through the last week of November. During each of these meetings, lead teachers, an administrator, and often other members of the department of focus came together to discuss their proposed changes and edits to the curriculum. In addition, the teachers have the opportunity to pitch their ideas for new courses. By having sister schools in the same room together, along with one of their administrators, many decisions are able to be made during the meeting. This collaborative time also becomes an opportunity for teachers to brainstorm about the possibility of other courses and content that they had not originally planned on discussing. There are also proposed suggestions that teachers want to reflect on more closely before an agreement is reached. Oftentimes, the group may begin with one idea, but through conversation and collaboration, a better, more refined idea emerges.

Based on these meetings, surveys will be created for both students and teachers to gauge interest in the new courses that are proposed. These interest surveys will go to teachers and students in December. Once this data is collected, it will be shared with Dr. Donaldson and the secondary principals during the next step in the process.

Shortly after the return from winter break, the process to develop the proposed curriculum for the 2023-2024 school year will be completed, and the new curriculum will be shared with Madison City Schools’ superintendent, Mr. Ed Nichols, and Madison City Schools Board of Education for their perusal and for their approval.


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