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Summer Reading Has a Far-reaching Impact


The website for Madison City School’s summer reading program was updated recently to reflect changes with texts at various grade levels. Each ELA grade level requires summer reading as well as some social science courses at Bob Jones and James Clemens High Schools. To see all of the titles and assignments for each grade level, click on the link here.

Secondary ELA teachers from Discovery Middle School, Liberty Middle School, Bob Jones High School, and James Clemens High School collaborated in January and February to discuss changes to the 2022 Summer Reading Program. With new standards from the Alabama State Department of Education, teachers discussed how new time periods and literary focuses would impact the assignments students would complete for each grade. Some changes were made while other grade levels and assignments remained the same. Students are expected to read a text and be prepared for activities and lessons related to the book during the first two weeks of school. Expectations and rigor of assignments increase with advancing grades and course levels.

There are many benefits for students who participate in summer reading. Reading is a habit of lifelong learners and greatly enhances the vocabulary and writing skills of students who work to develop it. The brain is not really a muscle, but it needs to be “exercised” regularly, and reading strengthens the brain by creating connections among different parts of the brain. It improves memory as well as concentration. Reading can also lessen stress, enhance creativity, and improve self-esteem. Readers have the opportunity to explore faraway places and learn about heroes and innovators from ancient times as well as current thinkers and inventors. An avid reader has a broader and deeper understanding of the world and is able to make connections from things he or she has read about when new experiences present themselves. Participating in a summer reading program can have a big impact on students’ academic success, but it is also a fun way to spend some time each day!


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